Since 1893 MAGURA has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of actuation technology for use at the interface between man and machine.

People around the world are experiencing the unique quality of MAGURA on a daily basis. Our products are used in many, many large scale production series. No wonder since we are as engaged in the development of innovative products for industrial applications as we are passionate about testing our products in racing situations.

Feeling quality, experiencing a lifestyle, sensing first class function - people who use MAGURA products know what real value is.

We leave nothing to chance. Technically sound solutions are one thing - interfaces and palpably better ergonomics are another. We optimise things for people with heart and understanding who expect much more than a common standard.

Unconditional reliability, even in newer areas, unique design, high quality materials and excellent workmanship make MAGURA products irresistable.

MAGURA combines high technical competence in vehicle technology with the technological requirements from a wide number of industrial areas, and provides an enormous variety of applications. Everywhere where first class controls, more safety and reliable functioning is required, MAGURA sets the pace and the standard. As a systems partner, responsibility does not end with the product. Thus, truly added-value solutions result.

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