Acerbis is a company born in 1973 and established by Franco Acerbis. From the beginning, it shows its competitive vocation in the market and for the market. In Acerbis they have the intelligent outlook to fulfil the needs of the competition riders, who at the beginning of the 70’s needed products with a higher level of security and competitiveness. And of course, if the professional rider takes advantage of it, so can the private rider.
In Acerbis, the work is undertaken with the same enthusiasm as in the first years. Efforts go unnoticed and work seems game in the Italian company due to their professionalism and passion for what they do. Franco Acerbis, its founder, likes to say that “if you like what you do today, you have more opportunities to see the future, because if you do what you like to do, your body and mind are benefited by it.

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