Understanding Motorcycle Brakes or the racing brake market is also an art, it is different entirely in its demands to the automotive market where price is all important, volume is key and the customer is very rarely an enthusiast. The very word Motorcycle is synonymous with the word enthusiast as very few people these days ride Motorcycles because they have to.

Understanding Motorcycles is a passion that EBC Brakes is proud to have, the understanding between Motorcycle riders is unique and the EBC approach to producing brakes for Motorcycles is no less of a passion.

Being smaller in physical dimensions it is possible to produce Motorcycle brake pads using more expensive and exotic materials that price themselves out of the automotive market giving our researchers more room for artistic license. The objective is to deliver the best without compromise on quality to our fellow motorcyclists.

Being an inherently instable vehicle Motorcyclists have an awareness for safety and a desire for quality that has kept the cheap and cheerful brigade away from Motorcycle brakes for the 35 years the Motorcycle disc brake has existed . EBC hopes it will stay that way. A few of the likely boys still pop up from time to time still selling Asian made asbestos inclusive pads that include things they call cellulose fibre (grass), lead, antimony and other nasty stuff and by packaging them with image boosting words like “Race proven” or “ Track Formula” they seek to delude the unsuspecting biker with a cheap price at a show or on e bay or the internet. Luckily bikers TALK and word soon gets around.

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