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Double Vale Spring Set 14752-KWN-000
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Double Vale Spring Set 14752-KWN-000

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Double Valve Spring Racing Conversion set for the genuine 125cc PCX125 cylinder heads.

The maximum RPM is electronically limited with the PCX125 as you know.

Something that is not common knowledge is that the original single valve springs from your Honda PCX125 start to float, and limit your RPM's, earlier before the electronically limiter kicks in.

Eliminating the floating valves is the first thing that you should do when you start to tune the PCX125 engine up because floating valves don't make only an awful noise, they make also a chance to hit the piston and this is something that you need to avoid...

If you install our Progressive Double Valve Spring Racing Conversion Set in your stock cylinder head, you can go all the way until your electronically RPM limiter kicks in.

The result is a higher top speed.

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