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NEW CIK-FIA homologated
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NEW CIK-FIA homologated

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NEW CIK-FIA homologated VHM carburettors: J3 & S2

With almost 10 years of experience with carburettors, VHM has developed a new range carburettor for the new 125cc "long life" TAG direct drive kart engines. These engines will be introduced on the 1st January 2007.
VHM succeeded to develop a complete new carburettor that is different than other existing carburettors after a lot of test bench work, flow measurements and tests on the tracks. This carburettor is homologated by FIA.
* The carburettor is manufactured of high quality solid aluminium
* The carburettor has 2 adjustable jets. The main difference with other carburettors is that the throttle valve is placed in front of the constrictor.
* The great advantage is that the carburettor can be adjusted easy and quickly to every circumstances on the track.
* Very good throttle response

VHM has developed 2 carburettors with diameter: 20 mm and 24 mm. Both carburettors are homologated for the following catergories:

20 mm ICA-junior ()

24 mm ICA (Intercontinental) ()

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